Back to School @ The Apple Store in Naperville

Back when I went to school, we weren’t using computers yet. I was given some great advise by a friend of mine Debbie that is a school teacher to get a Mac.

I did and it was some of the best advise I was given. How on to the learning to use a computer, what fun. and thanks to the Apple Store in Naperville.It’s been a lot of fun, and sometimes a little changeling. I did sign up for the $99.00 One to One training and this is what they provide.

One to One features three different ways to learn. If you prefer to learn face-to-face, Personal Training Sessions offer an uninterrupted hour with a Trainer. As experts in all things Apple, Trainers provide guidance, support, and creative inspiration. If you prefer a small group setting, exclusive One to One Workshops are a unique opportunity for you and a few other members to work with a Trainer on special interest topics.

With all there help over the years I have designed my own website on iWeb, edited my own videos on iMovie and uploaded them to my site & YouTube. You can find all my videos here.. YouTube Magician Illusionist Please Subscribe to keep updated on new Videos that I post, Thanks.

The Apple/Mac people are the real Magicians. I can’t even begin to tell all of you how much I appreciate all that you do each & every week.

Thanks again,

Paul Lee


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