Apple Sauce Surcharge… Paul Lee saves the day.

I did a show today for a Senior Group @ a well know Country Club, there were over 400 people in attendance. Just before I was to perform, the President of the Senior Club gets up to voice her option about being charged $1.00 per person for Apple Sauce with the Pork Chop Dinner. She went on to say that she even contacted the Mayorto see if he could do anything about it. He called the Chef & Club manager, but failed in his  attempts to get a reduction in the cost. The Mayor now gets up now to try and defuse the situation, by explaining that if they had ordered the Apple Sauce at the time they ordered the food there would have been no extra charge.

So I get introduced, the show starts, I do the opening of my show, and on to introducing myself. I start with telling them I started doing Magic at the age of 10, I have been a Professional Magician & Illusionist for over 35 years, performing in 30 different states, including 10 appearances on The Bozo Show. I then say…….. I hope nobody complains about what I charged to be here, but if  my math is correct,  I cost them a little less than $1.00 per person.

They laughed & applauded. It was a great way to start the show.

After the Magic Show I hear the Mayor say, “Could we get Paul back to the stage, he is also the one responsible for the this”. All I could think was I’m in trouble. I get back on stage to be greeted by the Mayor, Chef & Club Manager. They had decided to refund the Senior Club the money they charged for the Apple Sauce.

I didn’t & wont mention the Country Club by name, It was just a miscommunication & in the end, they stepped up &  I was the hero for the day along with the Mayor.

Have a Great Holiday,


Chicago Illuisionist Paul Lee's Dog, Thurston


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One Response to “Apple Sauce Surcharge… Paul Lee saves the day.”

  1. Jerry Criss Says:

    Well played Paul!

    By the way…Why such a difficult math problem?

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