The Magic Show Must Go On!

Where do I begin…. on March 20th 2011 I had 2 Magic & Illusion Shows. The day started like any other day. I stopped for gas put in $30.00 paid at the pump

started the Van, forgot to get a chocolate milk for the road, so I went back inside, paid and returned to the Van. I jumped inside and my Van was not running. I asked my assistant Valerie if she had turned off the Van, she said no. It would not start, so I ran back inside, bought some starting fluid and to no avail it would not start and the clock was ticking.

I called a friend Steve, but at 8am I was certain he was still sleeping… there was no answer. I then remembered a neighbor, Mr. X had a SUV so I called him. He answered and said I could use his vehicle but (THIS IS WHERE THE FUN STARTS) he said there was 1 problem. He was out of gas and has on his SUV an Intoxalock. I asked ( just like some of you are doing right now) what is that? I was in for a fun day.

The Intoxalock® is a state-of-the-art breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) designed to minimize the opportunity of a driver operating a vehicle while under

the influence of alcohol.

While I paid  $20.00 for more gas, he was explaining how to operate this device. You need to blow, wait for 3 seconds, suck for 2 & blow again for 3 without ever pausing! Sounds easy, its not.

I finally got it running and as I was just about to head off to the Magic Show in Skokie he says you may get a rolling retest once in a while so while driving you have to do the blow, suck thing again. Could it get any worse? YES! Less than a mile down the road it starts beeping and I can’t get it to work. I must have tried 10 times so I call Mr. X All the while I have Thurston, my Dog, in my lap. I’m hunched down because my backdrops are over the driver’s seat, my iPhone in 1 hand, elbow on steering wheel, this devise from H&L in the other hand, and the horn starts honking on it’s own!!!!!!!

I  tell Mr. X it’s not working & why is the horn honking. His response is the lights are also flashing. I ask why? he says its about to shut down & it’s a warning to the Police that the vehicle has this device installed on it. Now this SOBER driver is in a mad panic.

I finally get it to work, and all of this is happening in the first 2 miles of this trip. As it started beeping for the 4th time I was approaching the Ipass lane…… you guessed it, Mr. X does not have an Ipass, I drove right thru and later that day I had to go on line & pay for the toll so he wouln not get a ticket.

I was so worried that someone was going to see me, it was very humiliating.

The shows in Skokie & Naperville went well without any more issues.

The Van on the other hand was not doing well. It was a 2000 Chevy Astro with 250,00 miles on it, not running, needed the AC fixed, as well as the brakes, and I thought I should just put it to rest, So that is exactly what I did the next day. I went out and purchased a 2010 Chevy Express from Sunrise Chevrolet in Glendale Heights, where Jeff & Sam, along with the service department, took real good care of me. I love my New Van!

Can’t wait to put more miles on this one doing Magic Shows through the Midwest. Thanks for all your support, Magically Paul Lee




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2 Responses to “The Magic Show Must Go On!”

  1. mai-ling Says:

    Learning that you’re neighbor has a Intoxalock is probably
    the oddest thing ever.
    at least you made it to your jobs!

  2. M.A.Sadad Says:

    I read your article, thank you for your great article.I hope in-future you will gift us as like this article.

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